Alexandra Johnson

Location: New York, USA

Alexandra Johnson is a seasoned venture capitalist with a keen eye for disruptive technologies. She has been instrumental in funding various tech startups that have gone on to become industry leaders. Her expertise lies in identifying trends and supporting innovative solutions.

Nikolai Petrov

Location: Moscow, Russia

Nikolai Petrov is a prominent figure in the Russian financial landscape. He started his career as a trader and expanded his portfolio into real estate and energy sectors. His visionary investments have contributed to the growth of the economy and job creation in Russia.

Emily Chen

Location: San Francisco, USA

Emily Chen is a well-known angel investor who has played a pivotal role in supporting startups that focus on social impact. She believes in the power of technology to solve global challenges and has invested in companies addressing healthcare, education, and environmental issues.

Dmitri Volkov

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Dmitri Volkov is an entrepreneur-turned-investor who co-founded a successful fintech startup before transitioning to angel investing. He is passionate about nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and actively mentors startups across Eastern Europe.

Sophia Lee

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Sophia Lee is a venture capitalist with a global perspective. She has a background in international business and has facilitated cross-border investments between South Korea and other countries. Her strategic insights have helped startups expand their operations to new markets.